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Green Tripe

Green tripe is reported to be the perfect food for the canine. Recently, an analysis of a sample of the packaged frozen tripe was performed by Woodson-Tenant Laboratories, Inc. in Georgia. The results were what many people had speculated but never proven with scientific fact.

The calcium:phosphorous ratio is indeed 1:1, the overall pH is on the acidic side which is better for digestion, protein is 15.1, fat 11.7 and of course it contained the essential fatty acids, Linoleic and Linolenic, in their recommended proportions.

What was surprising to find, was the presence of Lactic Acid Bacteria. Lactic Acid Bacteria, also known as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, is the good intestinal bacteria. It is the main ingredient in probiotics.

Green tripe is also loaded with gastric enzymes, amino acids, and other gastric �juices�. The gastric enzymes not only help the cow in digestion, but also aid the canine in digesting and efficiently utilizing his food. The amino acids are necessary for muscular development and, the other gastric juices, I believe, are the best cleaner for their teeth! Because of it�s rubbery texture, serving it in large chunks also aids the canine in strengthening it�s jaw muscles and has an added benefit as a form of canine dental floss.

From: No Guts No Glory (Mary C. Voss)

WHAT is raw green tripe? Tripe is the fourth chamber of the stomach, called the abomasum, of ruminating (hooved, 4 footed, grazing mammal, for example: cattle, buffalo, sheep, deer, goat, etc.) animals. In this chamber the food is mixed with gastric juices, amino acids and other digestive enzymes. After the solid matter of Green Tripe is digested, the gastric juices and digestive enzymes continue to aid the animal in digesting and efficiently utilizing his food over the next several meals. Raw Green Tripe refers to the lack of processing, not the color of the product.

Whole Dog Journal.com Article about Raw Green Tripe

Guaranteed Analysis • No Preservatives

Moisture 71% Calories 765 cal/To
Crude Protein 16% pH 6.12
Crude Fat 12% Linoleic Acid 2.7%
Calcium 0.12% Linolenic Acid 0.4%
Phosphorus 0.14% Lactic Acid  
Ash 1% Bacteria 12,000 CFU/G

Keep Frozen until ready to use.

Performance Dog: Beef Tripe Trachea Finely Ground Bone - For Animal Consumption Only

For Animal Consumption Only

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