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Irish Breeders have an age-old saying that we truly believe: "It's Breeding then Feeding!" First you must begin with good bloodlines, then, proper feeding will ensure you healthy and strong stock to build your breeding program.

Today, countless experts proclaim the benefits of feeding raw. Pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine, author of countless natural rearing books, reknowned herbalist, Juliette de Bairacli Levy, proclaims spectacular cures and healthy lifestyles because of proper nutrition. Her global travels and study of animals around the world give her insights that feeding natural is the only way to ensure the healthiest animals. Her book,

The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat

is the bible for those determined to improve the health of their pets.

At Raise A Paw 4 RAW our philosophy is simple.....

Our promise is satisfied customers.
We are committed to providing cost effective, quality diets,
which are nutritionally balanced for pets. We achieve this goal
by good communication with our clients.
You will be appreciative of our capacity to
listen, hear and act.

We have been manufacturing frozen meats for pets for over 40 years.
Our diets are designed to include the range of tissue types
and nutrient sources important to your pets. All Raise A Paw 4 RAW diets are balanced
nutritionally and supplemented with vitamins and trace minerals,
using the latest scientific technology from nutrition research.
BARF means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and
SARF means Species Appropriate Raw Food.
Natural feeders praise RAW GREEN TRIPE as nature's 'perfect' food for canines.
Google "raw green tripe" for an education in what IS species appropriate raw food.

Beef is sampled and tested for BSE by USDA Veterinary Technician

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