407 281-9481

We can provide you with a loving, healthy, beautiful companion Labrador Retriever
puppy that can snuggle, hunt, fish, and maybe even go to the show ring.
We ask you to consider the following requirements:

1. Puppies demand TIME, MONEY, ENERGY, and LOVE from you.

2. Labrador puppies CHEW and JUMP,
and will look for action if none is provided for them.

3. Labradors love their owners and require daily attention,
do you have that to give?

4. We want our puppy parents to have a fenced yard.
We don't agree to any invisible/underground, collar controlled fencing.

5. We ask for a promise from you to take the puppy to
Obedience School around six months of age.

6. We don't believe in chaining a dog for ANY REASON.

7. We want your puppy to sleep IN your home at night.

8. Our puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration, which means
they are not to be bred. If you are looking for a breeding dog,
please make this clear with your first phone call.

9. We ask you to visit our "links" page and
STUDY about our breed prior to agreeing to purchase a puppy.

Please consider, then re-consider the amount of time and effort a puppy will need. It is unfair to a pup to give it a home, THEN decide that it is too much work. Know what your are doing BEFORE you purchase a Labrador Retriever.

After thinking and re-thinking the amount of time and resources a new puppy demands and you decide that you have the love and time and money to give, you are welcome to phone me at
407 281-9481
and we can talk about our Labradors!